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Roof coating / Cleaning

roof coating and roof cleaning.

Ultimate UK  Roof Coating System, cleans, renovates and

provides a weather resistant coating in a choice of colours.

This helps to make your roof look as Good as New.

While also being a cost effective alternative to a new roof


Electric garage doors 

Electric garage doors are a convenient alternative to manual garage doors. 

Whether you want to avoid having to get out of your car when raining or the physical aspect of lifting a heavy manual door, remote controlled garage doors are the perfect solution to this. 

What’s more electric garage doors remove the need to have a lock which improves security. 

Also the doors are fully insulated  so if 

internal garage will heat up the home which in return saves on energy bills. 


Electric Garge doors

Building work 

Here at Ultimate Uk we cover many different aspects of building .... 

Please contact us with your requirements 

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